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Published February 7, 2013 by sisiglam

Girls all over the world are discovering a brand new obsession : TheBalm!

TheBalm’s packaging is simple but with a vintage vibe because they believe that make-up should be fun and about the quality of the ingredients .

Youth is both a state of mind and a product of your makeup bag,” says Marissa Shipman, founder and CEO of TheBalm. “The brand is fun and nostalgic—perfect for women of all ages.” With a “beauty in five minutes” philosophy, TheBalm’s multiuse, mega-fabulous products have become their calling card, offering quick fixes and wondrous solutions for a wide range of beauty wants and needs. And their plethora of striking colors and fantastic formulas allow you to release your inner artist to create looks that will keep you looking and feeling forever young.

A great product to try this fab brand is the “TheBalm Nude Tube eye-shadows palette”



These satiny smooth colours can be applied naturally “i.e. let me slip into something more comfortable” or beautifully layered. The wide range of naked neutrals give you light highlighters as well as brazen bold shades that work to add definition and emphasis.










theBalm Nude ‘Tude Eyeshadow Palette allows you to dramatically dress up your eyes (if nothing else)!

the Nude ‘Tude Eyeshadow Palette includes:

  1.  Sassy Eyeshadow
  2.  Stubborn Eyeshadow
  3. Selfish Eyeshadow
  4. Sophisticated Eyeshadow
  5. Sexy Eyeshadow
  6. Serious Eyeshadow
  7. Snobby Eyeshadow
  8. Stand-Offish Eyeshadow
  9. Sultry Eyeshadow
  10. Schitzo Eyeshadow
  11. Silly Eyeshadow
  12. Sleek Eyeshadow



Also amazing are their Boy’s Blush, a shadow and blush all in one. I have a light skin tone so I tried Down Boy a  baby pink shadow/blush will add just the right amount of colour to ensure that you turn heads.

more info on TheBalm:


Stay Pretty!!!

Sisi Glam



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