Rock n’ Roll queen

Published February 20, 2013 by sisiglam

Still, besides tee there are some other accessories that transform a dull outfit to a rock Goddess… 

And again from F21 


high waisted faux leather shorts in burgundy 17,75€


and in black (same price)


bolt studded moto vest 33,75€


spiked chain necklace 6,90€


fold over combat boot 35,90


spiked shoulder moto jacket 42,75€


lace up platform booties 33,75€


F5027 high polish round sunglasses 5,90€

Guess we are ready now…. all we need is a gig and some friends to have a great time!

Of course all the above can be worn in any occasion you feel you need to spice up your outfit. 

tip: Don’t over do it with too many jewels or too many accessories. 

A true RocknRolla does not need a lot! 

Keep on rockin’ 

Sisi Glam


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