Diamond Sea

Published February 22, 2013 by sisiglam

All these posts about Rock n Roll, groupies and rock looks got me thinking about my fav obsession….Tattoos!

The new thing is tattoo is trash polka 

info here: http://tat2guru.com/what-are-trash-polka-tattoos-where-did-the-style-originate/

I‘ve been meaning to get one myself, just haven’t figured out what I want,yet (and if I can get one in Greece)

Here are some cool tattoos for you (most of them by Buena Vista Realistic Thrash Polka Tattoo) 











As you can see, this style is very raw, diy,punk…but totally artistic. 

So much more than just another tat. A true masterpiece in your body. 


more about the artists 


Get Inked Fast!

Sisi Glam 



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