Published April 2, 2013 by sisiglam

Hello! I have been superbusy with work this past few day and I couldn’t post anything.

Thankfully, today’s post is a massive cosmetics haul with all my essential for Spring!

All the stuff are from feelunique.com and Sephora

Starting up with the best brush I have ever used!

the Real Techniques’ expert face brush



It’s a flat top brush great to apply BB creams, liquid make up or just to set you foundation.

It’s also great for concealer, but i usually use it to set my make up in place.

Next is a new thing for me. a brows kit



This is Benefit’s Brow kings in light. I really like it because it makes my brows full but not drawn.

This next item is also from Benefi and it’s this bronzer- blush, called Sugarbomb!



This is a 4 colour blush, with a little bit of shimmer in warm undertones.

Another great buy – and a totally inexpensive one- is this Rimmer Bronzer Powder



This is a very soft colour and it really makes my cheeks looks sun-kissed!


first colour is the Rimmel Bronzer and the second is Sugarbomb blush by benefit

Talking bout sun kiss and shimmer, I have fell inlove with this nail polish by art deco


Art Deco 294 ceramic nail lacquer

it’s just feels so summer-ish!

I also picked up a new BB cream, the L’oreals nude magique.


This cream has a very light formula, that keeps my skin fresh and glowy all day.

is also medium coverage  as most of the BBs. I wouldn’t recommended though for summer time cause of the low SPF (it’s only 12).


it comes out like that (white)


blends out easily


leaves skin with a soft glow

A more summer choice BB cream is Dr Brandit’s (more info here  http://www.beautybay.com/cosmetics/drbrandt/flexitonebbcream/ )

Moving on, a brand I’ve been dying to try for a while is Burt’s Bee, so when I saw this cute little essential kit, I knew it was time.


the kit includes:


very nice cleansing cream, leaves the skin clean and soft. plus it smells nice.


great for dry lips. also can work as treatment if you wear it before you go to sleep


smells so mice and leaves your feet very soft



Next is the most helpful thing, a mini pack of cleansing wipes


Last but not least at all, I bought few new lip products.

I’m not a big fan of nude lips, and although I spend the winter with red or plum lips I wanted my sping lips to be more glossy and fun.

My all time fav lipsticks and tints are the YSL, which are a bit pricey, but look at this colous…


this is a YSL glossy balm (no4)


YSL glossy stain (no14)

and for more cheap choices


Erre Due lip gloss (no 316 and 312)

and a more classic choice


Rimmel Kate lasting finish no 19 (a nude brown)


From the top (YSL lip stain 14, YSL lip balm 4, Rimmel kate lasting finish 19)

So that was all!

Hope you enjoy!

Stay Pretty and Glam!

Sisi Glam


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