Published May 10, 2013 by sisiglam
A while ago, I went to a beauty bazaar by Notos Galleries. They have some very good cosmetics brands and the discount was all the way up to 80%. 

I bought a huge bag of stuff and it cost me around 50€…but the reason I am showing you is because all the make up I bought is for summer time!





clarins wonder lenght mascara set (a fullsize mascara, a little eye cream and a little eye make up remover)



clarins mascara ‘s brush



Revlon Beyong natural skin matching make up

I have read that this foundation has a bit darker shades and I though I could match it to my tan skin tone. plus it has a very light formula.


Revlon colorstay 16hour eye shadow (4 colours)


How are the colours in my skin



Revlon colorburst lipgloss in rose gold and revlon lipstick in cofee break



Elisabeth Arden nude brown and pink shine lipstick


The Revlon lipstick and lipgloss


in the first picture is also a concealer, the “Elizabeth Arden Flawless finish concealer” which I haven’t opened it yet. 

I also bought a max factor mineral foundation in the colour bronze, to wear as bronzer but I forgot to take a picture of it. 



I heard that it’s the one that Εva Mendes uses… so, I thought I give it a try.

the colour is a bit shimmering but I believe it could be nice one to wear when I will have a bit of a tan going on…. 

last, I bought two pencils (an eye pencil and a lip one) 


Max Factor Liquid Effect Pencil Eyeliner Green Glow


revlon colorstay lipliner in wine
(this is not my picture)

So this was my Summer make up haul!

hope you enjoyed it.

Stay Pretty and Glam!

Sisi Glam


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