Published May 22, 2013 by sisiglam

This is a “what’s in my summer bag” tag kind of post…

I’ve watch a lot of vlogs in youtube and recently the “what’s in my bag” tag became very popular, and since this subject has over analysed in those video I  thought a “what’s in summer bag” might be a bit more interesting.

Even more, I recently updated my sunblocks, and I did a huge research before I went on and buy them.

Here is a list of what’s in my summer bag:

swimsuits (always a extra pair)

sunblocks (lots and lots)


i pod (my old and trustworthy friend)

books and magazines

beach towels

The Bag:

My new bag was actually a present from the drugstore in which I bought the sunblocks.

my other choice was this plastic beach bag from Doca


Doca plastic beach bag

my collection of sunblocks includes:


(yes I know, they seem too much…. but I am extremely pale for a Greek girl, and you can’t never be too careful with the sun)

For the face I use as an everyday sun cream this new Bioderma spf 50+


Bioderma photoderm max spf 50+ ultra fluid high protection for sensitive skin

It’s a very ultra cream (non grease) for sunscreen so you can wear it everyday as a moisturesing cream but only if you don’t wear any make up.

when I am out in the beach I use this


Solene face cream SPF 50 for photosensitive skin

I bought the Solene sun creams last year and fell totally in love with them.

This is a very thick and rich face cream, but stays very well on the face even after swimming.

Plus it does not make my face like a white mask when I come out of the water.

After I get a bit more tanned, I will be using this lovely face cream by carroten with SPF 30


Carroten botanical sun screen SPF 30

For my Tattoos I use this face cream by Korre with SPF 50 because it’s very thick and stays very well on the skin


For the body, this year I decide to trust my sun protection in Vichy.

This huge (enormous) size sun cream has SPF 50 and it can be used both n face and body.



and for later


I also never go to the beach without my lipgloss with SPF 25


This little tube is a big miracle keeping my lips moisture and give me a lovely pink glow!

Plus it tastes like strawberries!

Have Fun on the beach!

Sisi Glam


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