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Published June 10, 2013 by sisiglam

In a couple of days I will see live Lana Del Rey as headliner in Rockwave Festival, here in Greece, and I am so excited!

Checking her style out, I realize that she has embrace a lot of the new trends but always adds her personal touch. 

let’s break down her style..

She loves retro make up and rockabilly style. 

She wears 50s and 60s ladylike make up and she usually style it with casual jeans hot shorts and boyfriend muscle t’s. 

She also loves huge faux jewelry and retro sunglasses.

She reminds me of pin-up girls, but still looks so fresh and beautiful.

Flower dresses, high waisted hot pants, bright colours, tight jeans, she wears them all and as for her hair she loves big flowers and headbands.


10 must have for Lana’s Style 

1) rhinestoned two finger ring by F21 

2) cuffed sailor shorts by F21

3) Catalina dress by Motel (top shop)


4) stripe stretch crop and jeans shorts


5) Rouge Coco no 31 cambon


6) Chichi heart cutout playsuit by Lashes of London


Pinned Image

7) Wild and wasted muscle tee 

Society killed the teenager

8) Bow front clasp necklace from asos

Image 1 of ASOS Bow Front Clasp Necklace

9) Gogo Philip Twisted hoop earnings


10) converse all star high top trainers


Hope you’ll enjoy this post!

here’s my latest fav from the “the Great Gatsby” ost


Keep listening to Lana Del Rey,

Sisi Glam 


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