rolling in the deep

Published June 11, 2013 by sisiglam

Hi everybody, 

Today’s post is all bout June’s favorites. 

Starting up with make up and skincare: 

This month I’ve been in love with the “emma hardie amazing face cleansing balm” as my night time cleansing and Murad’s clarifying gel as my morning wake up call. 


my morning prayers and my night-time happiness


Love them both so much, and although they are bit expensive (both of them) I have actually seen a huge different in my skin in a short period of time. 

Next I have a few new make up things..


June’s favs


First, looking a cheap but good light foundation I decide to try the “Rimmel Wake me up” Foundation (I am the colour 200 soft beige). 


A very good light textured and medium coverage make up, leaves the skin glowing and looking  healthy and fresh. A lot of people say that is a dupe for YSL touse eclat foundation and I agree. 


Rimmel wake me up foundation in colour 200 soft beige


mmmm…look at that pretty glow!

next some new concealers 

I ‘ve tried the “fake up” from Benefit and the “Lumi Magique Illuminating concealer” both in light colour. The Lumi magique is the best cheap dupe for the YSL touse eclat, but still I find the YSL so much better.


L’oreal new concealer, some say a dupe for YSL touse eclat


The fake up is a hydrating crease-control concealer, not much to say bout it. Helps alot with my under eyes dark circles. 


Fakeup from benefit in light


Moving to lip products, this month I have two favorites, both from NYX , the Mega shine lipgloss in the colour “African Queen” – a deep plum- and a Black rebel Lipstick in the colour “Shell” – a frosty pink-.



Nyx has by far the best lipgloss ever!



yeah, I know it doesn’t look so good, but I used it all up! in a month! that’s how much i love it!


the “Fakeup” concealer, the Black Rebel NYX lipstick in colour shell and the NYX Mega shine lipgloss in African Queen

last but not least my eye toys

Two lovely eye shadows from Maybeline’s 24hr colour tattoo in the colours ” Eternal Gold” and ” and “Permanent Taupe” 


taupe and gold super summery colours from Maybeline


and a Rimmel Scandal eyes in colour 004 taupe


Last I love these skull wet wipes from top shop


Funky wet wipes for my bag from Top Shop

What;s yours monthly favs?

Stay Glam, 

Sisi Glam




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