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Published July 19, 2013 by sisiglam

(update: somehow I manage to lost all my pictures in this post. terribly sry. trying to find what went wrong, but can. repost some pictures soon. tnx for understanding!)


I am currently on vacations and I can’t believe that is already mid-July!

This is a post about my July Favorites and some beach extras , cause summer vacations in Greece means “hanging round the beach all day”…

So let’s get started,

I am gonna start with some new hair favorites

First is the “Phyto protective sun oil maximum sun protection with olive wax”

This is a protective spray and contains olive wax. Now, for summertime wax- based products are the best because they shield the hair from sun, salt or chlorine from the pool. This one has also UV filters. You just spray it on the hair before you go to beach and re-apply after swimming. I have been using it for about two weeks now and it’s truly amazing. I think it helps my hair and the colour (since I have black- colored hair and they tend to become very dump after couple days on the beach).

Second hair fav is the Wella SP luxe light oil

Since I’ve been using a protective spray at the beach, I decide to try another oil for my hair (after washing up). You know I love the “Elixir Oil” but is quite thick and I’ve using it non stop for the past 2 and a half years. Looking for something a bit more light, I discover this new line from Wella (I think this is their luxury line). It also has in the same collection a very nice smoothing shampoo and a fab musk. The only reason I didn’t take them with me is that I believe they will do great job restoring my hair after I get back from vacations.

This is a slightly different oil from Elixir, you actually spray it on the hair and (as it says on the bottle) is a more light formula. I didn’t like that much at first, but after using it every day I think that it gets the job done. Plus if you have thin hair and some oil are too “oily” for you, this one may do the trick.

Next, I have some skin care products. When you are on vacations you have to adapt your skin care routine (a lot). Because I wearing sunblock from morning to evening (and a quite heavy one), my skin quickly started to break out. Sun and sea are your friends when  it comes to skin breaks out, but because of the heat it’s quite impossible to stay in sun or not wear sunblock.

In my latest trip to Thessaloniki, I am obsess with “Tzimas Cosmetics”. I’ve picked up their face cleansing gel- which I now use every morning and afterwards I use the “Vitamin C Serum” again from the same brand. I wait 10 minutes from the serum to observed and then I use “Effaclar duo” as my day cream.

If you are not familiar with La Roche- Posay Effaclar duo (or matte) creams (I think they call them treatments or care or something like that), definatly check them out. They are corrective and unclogging anti- imperfection very light creams, the “duo” one is a bit more on the treatment side, but I know lots of people who are also wearing it as day moisturizing cream , and in the wintertime I switch it to the “Effaclar matte” and wear it underneath my bb creams, for a more matte result.

I will do a full blog post on the “Tzimas Cosmetics” and how can you get them sometime next week. I close my skin care routine at night with a good wash with La Roche- Posay Effaclar purifying foaming gel for oily sensitive skin.


This helps deep clean my skin from any oily residue from the sunblocks or any dirt from the beach, but is not drying my skin. After i wash my face, I will put again my vitamin C serum and before I go to bed I use my Avene “TriAcneal” skin care (I use this as my night cream since I had acne problems- many years ago, and use it all year long in the areas that I usually break out).

When I am on the beach I always keep with me a face mist just in case I need a hydration boost. I really like this one from Oriflame.I originally took it for the gym, but lately I’ve been carried it around everywhere from music festival till the beach! It hydrates the skin and smells really nice… (kinda reminds me of Mac Fix +).

After the shower I use two products. The “Nuxe – Huile Prodigieuse” oil (I use this every other day) and for my after sun care I use Klorane’s Polysianes creme fondante – which means after sun body (and face) cream with monoi tiki oil.


This smells so so good, and because it a rich thick cream it keeps my body hydrate and smooth.


I will not say lots for the Nuxe oil, cause it’s quite a smash hit. You can put it everywhere (face, body,hair), smells phenomenal and to be honest I am not a huge fan of dry oils for the body. I used a few and the make me break out in the back or below the neck, but this one is honestly fantastic.

They do make a more summer version of the Nuxe oil with a bit of shimmer in it, but I’m not a fan of shimmering oils, so I stayed away from it.

Last, I’ve got some make up products. I don’t really wear that much make up on vacation. But when I do I try to wear not to heavy foundation that;s why I use Max Faxtor mineral foundation in the color bronze – which I use as a bronzer as well-. For my cheeks I go with Benefit’s Benetints (in red or rose) and the Mac Fix + spay to keep it all from falling apart.














For the lips, Nyx soft matte lip creams finally came out in Greece, so I bought the red one with is “Monte Carlo” and a nude pink one “Milan”, so as much as I love wearing them the only thing I put on is a lipgloss or a lip balm.

So these are all!

sry for the huge post – this is what you get for not updating your blog often-

Have a lovely July!

Sisi Glam


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