the boys are back in town!

Published September 2, 2013 by sisiglam

Hello, hello…

We’re back, and we are ready to rock Autumn street fashion.

First stop, military green (or khaki)!

Now, military was hot all summer, but it’s kind of a dull color to wear in the summer, but it’s perfect for the autumn comeback. 

You can totally wear it as a basic color, or as side piece (military jackets are super hot this year). 

here’s some examples of how to wear it: 

a) as a basic color/ piece. The dress


office look with green military dress by H n’ M


Multi chains necklace by topshop



zip pockets – detail to the dress/tunic



black suede shoes by asos

This dress/tunic is a great example cause it’s a thin fabric, but wearable with some thick leggings and a pair of biker boots. The multi chain necklace works really well but you can put a more settle necklace. I like to wear it with my Asos black suede high hell shoes for a more rock look!

b) the military jacket/shirt


Lyocell shirt jacket by H n’ M


Shirt jacket in a soft lyocell weave with decorative beaded embroidery at the top and breast pockets with a flap. Unlined.


This is the perfect shirt to wear as light jacket. Looks great with a pair of skinny jeans or a 

a simple black dress and biker boots. I am keeping the same multi chain necklace from topshop as my main accessory. 

c) the tunic top


tunic chaki top by bench




…the back

This is the more “girlie” way to wear the look. You can put a pair of jeggings or jeans or whatever you prefer and some flat ballarina shoes or flat boots.

Keep in mind that this look is only wearable if USA doesn’t declare war in Syria. 

Hope you find this helpful,

Stay Green and Give peace a chance,

Sisi Glam  





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