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Published November 2, 2013 by sisiglam

Hello my weekend readers, 

Today I’m gonna be writing about my empties! Yeah, that’s right. Garbage all the way….

Just kidding. 

This is a beauty article about product I’ve used up and my impression of them 


my empties

I will start by saying that most of empties are drugstore everyday products, just because these are all products I’ve used up in the last two months. After I returned from my holidays I had obviously change all my skincare routine and everyday make up, but I’ve thrown them all away 😦 

So, all the above are my most recent and used products by categories: 

First, I start with fragrance 



I’ve used up all my YSL’s Parisienne perfume (50ml). I love this perfume so much. It’s not too sweet and it’s not too floral, but still feels so girly and fresh. One of my fav of all times.

The other thing I’ve used up its a Dove Go Fresh deodorant stick in lemongrass and grapefruit. No comments here… (a girl must always have clean and fresh smelling armpits). 

next we have hair products


I’ve used up a whole can of hairspray which is a huge accomplishment on my behalf, cause I hate hair spay.But Jean Iver brand changed my mind, as this hair spray  promise and delivers strong hold, protection from solar rays along with wonderful hair styling and elasticity.

I’m not going to say alot about  the “Straight sexy Hair Shampoo”. I LOVE IT. The best anti-frizz shampoo I ever tried.

The fresh line’s KYVELI shampoo is a real luxury product.

Smells like heaven and cleans the hair without leaving them dehydrated. I can say enough good thing about this shampoo. A real princess treat!

Unfortunately they discontinue this product, but you can find info on the whole line here:

Last, my Avon planet spa Mediterranean olive oil hot oil hair treatment (long name ha?)

Helps restore moisture to dry and damaged hair by reacting to heat, penetrating deeply to smooth and soften. This one has a tricky application, cause you have to put it in hot water before you actually use it. It’s an ok product, smells well and leaves the hair not greasy at all, but I don’t really need to use it, so I don’t think I will repurchase it. 

more on the hot oil

moving on to body care


I have two body wash, the Avon’s Planet Spa Thailand Lotus Flower and Champagne Luxurious Bath Elixir (lovely scent and great for baths) and a shower foam from a brand called Pino. 

My favorite shower product is Nivea’s in shower body Milk. I love this product so much that this is actually my second bottle I’ve used up. I can live without anymore (it sounds a bit funny but it’s the truth). Leaves my skin so soft and saves me of all that time.

Last, my nail remover. no comment again. one of those things that you have to have. This one is quite cheap and does the job perfect. 

I just realize that this will be an enormous post, so I decide to split it in half.

I will continue this in Coffee n tv pt 2

Stay pretty and clean, 

Sisi Glam


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