More Coffee n TV (Empties pt 2)

Published November 3, 2013 by sisiglam

Welcome back to “Worlds Biggest Post” (kidding of course…)

next category is skincare


Not much is happening in this category. I’ve used up two bottles of La Roche- Posay  Effaclair purifying micellar water for sensitive skin. I use this to clean my skin before the Emma Hardie balm. It’s a more skincare alternative to Bioderma water (which I like to use nowdays only for remove eye make up).

I also used up Oriflame’s ecobeauty smoothing eye cream. Great eye cream. Feels light on the skin and sits very well on the skin with my concealer.

The little clean pot that you see in the corner, belongs to a moisturizing cream by Mastic Spa, a greek skincare brand. This was for normal to dry skin (I have normal to sensitive and bit oily skin) but I used it when I was feeling dry or dehydrated. I kept it for a really long time (I think I had it for over a year) and at the end I was using it as hand cream. Not a bad product though… just unlucky buy.

The very last category is make up


here, things don’t get empty very quickly and because I had already thrown away my summer foundation and SPF sunblock, I have very few items to show.

First is a primer Avon’s magix face perfector. Good, silicon based primer. I really like the fact that it has SPF 20. It banish shine and leaves the skin flawless.

I also used up my fav bb cream. L’oreal’s Nude Lumi magique. I have a review in an older post (I will link it at the end of this post). By far the best bb cream I’ve tried.

Last two products are lip balms.

The first one is the Benostan Lip balm with vanilla and cocoa butter. A good solid lip balm. I use products like that at night to keep my lips moisture and soft.

The last product of this huge post is the most important one. A lip butter with color by Korre (Mondarin Lip Butter stick spf 15 in Rose). This is always in my bag and the rose color is matching my natural lip color so well it’s like…my lips but so much better.

I love Korre brand but this lip butter is the best product I’ve tried or used ever on my lips!

So all my empties are done!

Hope you’ll find these (two) posts helpful.

Have a lovely weekend,

Sisi Glam


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